Wellspringwords: The Podcast

Healing into Wholeness from the Root Experience with Justin Darkoh

May 16, 2023 Nkem Chukwumerije Season 4 Episode 7
Wellspringwords: The Podcast
Healing into Wholeness from the Root Experience with Justin Darkoh
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On this episode of Wellspringwords: The Podcast, Nkem speaks with Mindset Coach, Justin Darkoh about the journey through healing people-pleasing. They share personal stories about their journeys of self-inquiry, self-awareness, and moving through difficult emotions through a balanced masculine and feminine approach. A lot of this discussion centers on our experiences as humans returning to our Root experiences and healing from there. We hope this conversation supports you on your journey of wholeness. Enjoy! Let us know what this conversation brought to mind or heart for you in a podcast review, on Instagram, or via email at bewell@wellspringwords.love. Be well!

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Justin’s experience with people pleasing
Shifting our soma into alignment
How can we identify Root issues in our work?
How Justin was influenced to heal from people pleasing
Time to get curious about yourself
When is it time to be a “burden” and require attention?
Self-advocacy is a muscle we can build
What is Justin’s process to move through the difficulty of boundary-setting?
What are our options for resolution when we feel an emotional wave?
Learning to set a boundary and remain inherently worthy
Self-understanding helps us identify the nuances of people pleasing
Justin represents a healthy masculine approach to being in alignment
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