Wellspringwords: The Podcast

A New Season: Surrendering to the “Yes”

February 09, 2023 Nkem Chukwumerije Season 4 Episode 1
Wellspringwords: The Podcast
A New Season: Surrendering to the “Yes”
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Welcome and welcome back to season 4 of Wellspringwords: The Podcast! In this episode, Nkem reflects on where she is in life and how she hopes to facilitate even deeper spiritual alignment and authentic creativity through Wellspringwords, the host platform of this podcast. Through expanding topics from previous seasons, and learning through the newness that presents itself, Nkem hopes this season will support listeners near and far in their practice of living creatively aligned, joy-filled, wisdom-centered lives.

Thank you for being here, and enjoy the episode! Let us know what it brought to mind or heart for you in a podcast review, on Instagram, or via email at bewell@wellspringwords.love. Be well!

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Deepening the journey in this season
The relationship between structure and flow
Trusting that the learning is happening
Recap of Wellspringwords and how we create the world we want to live in
Going deeper with 1-1 Writing + Creative Expression Coaching
“It’s really all about the practice.”
We’ve honored the “no”, now let’s get to the “yes”
What the “yes” asks of us
Stay connected and dive into more