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Living with Power, Love, and Compassion through Human Design with Belen

February 16, 2022 Nkem Season 3 Episode 2
Wellspringwords: The Podcast
Living with Power, Love, and Compassion through Human Design with Belen
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In this episode of Wellspringwords: The Podcast, Nkem has an enlivened conversation with friend, fellow writer, and Human Design enthusiast, Belén Alemán. After diving into Human Design basics, the two discuss what it means to live an aligned life through the elements of your Human Design chart. They share personal examples of when their design energy type, authority, and strategy have helped them navigate this sweet and sticky thing called life. Tune into this bold conversation that spans the topics of emotional understanding to honoring your boundaries – you’re sure to gain some insight! Perhaps you’ll want to dive into your Human Design chart after listening to this chat! Let us know if the conversation brought anything to mind or heart for you in a podcast review, on Instagram, or via email at bewell@wellspringwords.love. Be well!

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Tools for self-inquiry, self-understanding, and soul alignment are becoming increasingly available in today’s landscape of consciousness expansion. As a collective, we cannot deny the changing world around us — due primarily to energetic shifts that deeply affect our physical lives. For many of us, these energetic changes are subtly felt and slowly challenge our perceptions of reality and whether we are living in alignment with our authentic Selves. One development tool making itself known on the radars of those on a Self-actualization journey is Human Design. 

In this episode of Wellspringwords: The Podcast, Nkem chats with friend, fellow writer, and Human Design enthusiast, Belén Alemán about using Human Design as a tool to live in soul alignment. While Human Design is an extensive system with many intricate components, many people learning about it for the first time are deeply moved by discovering even the basic elements of their personal designs. This podcast episode hopes to give more real-life context to that basic understanding. Scroll below for the topic timestamps.

Before we dive in, you can locate your Human Design bodygraph here, so you can use that information to follow along as you listen to the podcast episode, and even as you dive into your own research. Belén gives us some information about the foundational elements of the Human Design bodygraph: energy types, strategies, and authorities. Listed below are the five basic energy types — feel free to use the resources at the end of the shownotes to dig deeper into your type and its corresponding strategy and authority.

  • Generator
  • Manifestor
  • Manifesting Generator
  • Projector
  • Reflector

If you’re here because you’re a long-time listener of Wellspringwords: The Podcast, but not necessarily interested in or ready for Human Design, that’s okay, too! Nkem and Belén also touch on how important it is to resonate with a tool, a healing modality, a philosophy… anything… before continuing on that pathway. Maybe now is the right time for you to explore Human Design, and maybe it’s not. Either way, your choices and actions are valid and respected. If you are enthused at the prospect of learning more about your most authentic and easeful way of being in your life through Human Design, come a little closer and get comfy.

As you do your own research into this complex and massively useful tool, you’ll learn that within the bodygraph, there are 9 centers spanning the top of the head to the base of the torso. When a center is filled in on the chart, this means the person can expect a reliable source of internal energy from the area and its corresponding attributes. When the center is open or undefined, a person is more likely to tune into external energies concerning the attributes of the given center.

Belén explains through theory and her personal experience that having an open or undefined emotional center in your Human Design chart creates a situation wherein one is able to feel the emotions of others, and at times even magnify those emotions. Nkem also has an undefined emotional center and shares a personal story about a traumatic encounter wherein she absorbed another person’s emotional pain to the extent that she began to cry immediately as a result of the person’s verbal assault. It was an extreme scenario that served to highlight a larger phenomenon: how many of us are moving through life with the pain, trauma, thoughts, and feelings of others lodged into our energy fields?

The answer? All of us. This is why holistic self-understanding (of our energetic signatures, our emotional states, our mental and psychic abilities, etc.) is crucial to our individual (and collective) wellbeing. As you will hear in the podcast episode, for Belén, part of this self-understanding through Human Design has allowed her to honor her impulsivity as someone with a Generator energy type, and therefore a Sacral (or intuitive) inner authority (or natural response to stimuli). No longer does she have to identify with the conditioning that told her that her impulsivity was perhaps irrational — that she should sleep on a decision before making it. 

As a writer, Belén has also used Human Design to help her shift from identifying with the world’s idea that one can only be a writer if they have published material, to her personal, inbred, identity as a writer because that is who she is and that is what she does. Full stop. If you’re in with the Wellspringwords platform, perhaps you resonate with that.

The two end the episode with an in-depth discussion on returning to wholeness, a major theme in this season of the podcast. Belén touches on her goal of doing her best to honor her “yes” and especially her “no” as someone who is eager, willing, and with seemingly endless energy. What happens to your connection with your sacred and deep Self when you disrespect your own boundaries? Is it possible to create fixed boundaries all the time? At work? Within family? How can you tap into ways to be more yourself each day, in every way, even if your physical situation isn’t exactly the most conducive to that?

Perhaps learning more acutely about yourself and your soul’s alignment through Human Design is a way to start that life-long process. Trust us, there are priceless gems along the way!

Let us know if the conversation in the podcast episode brought anything to mind or heart for you in a podcast review, on Instagram, or via email at bewell@wellspringwords.love. Be well!

What is Human Design?
Being ready to receive the tool
Recognizing soul resonance
Human Design energy types and auras
Life is nuanced, regardless of your design type
Where to locate your Human Design chart
Human Design strategy and authority in action
“Strengths + weaknesses” through the lens of Human Design
*Personal story* receiving and releasing someone else’s pain
The importance of energetic clearing
Belén’s shifting identity as a writer
Deconditioning from old identities using Human Design
What does “returning to wholeness” mean to Belén?
Honoring your boundaries in practice, not just in theory
Highlighting self-compassion in action
Finding pockets of life where you can be more yourself
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